What is financial planning?

Our financial planning process shows you how to:

  • Use small habits to build your wealth,
  • Beat procrastination and shave wasted hours trying to find answers, and
  • Overcome your inner fears and actually follow through on what you set out to do.

Our clients learn more about their personal financial position, develop an action plan for tackling improvements, and keep us on retainer as their coach and accountability partner in long term success.

Topics we cover:

  • Business Planning – we provide consulting services for clients who currently operate their own business, are considering starting a business, or are planning for an exit from their current business.
  • Cash Flow and Debt Management – we conduct a review of your income and expenses to determine your current and recommended spending strategy as well as prioritize how you should be saving, investing, cash reserve and minimizing outstanding debt.
  • College Savings – we project the amount that will be needed to achieve college or other post-secondary education funding goals, along with advice on ways for you to save the desired amount and recommendations as to savings strategies and personal effects on your financial picture.
  • Employee Benefits Optimization – we provide a review and analysis as to whether you, as an employee, are taking the maximum advantage possible of your employee benefits.  If you are a business owner, we will consider and recommend various benefit programs that can be structured to meet both business and personal retirement goals.
  • Basic Estate Planning – we analyze your exposure to estate issues including whether you have a will, powers of attorney, trusts and other related documents.
  • Investment Analysis – we develop an asset allocation strategy to meet your financial goals and risk tolerance, providing information on investment vehicles and strategies, reviewing employee stock options, as well as assisting you in establishing your own investment accounts.
  • Risk Management – we review your exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial picture, such as premature death, disability, property and casualty losses, or the need for long-term care planning.
  • Tax Planning Strategies – Advice may include ways to minimize current and future income taxes as part of your overall financial planning picture.
  • Stock Compensation Planning – Looking at strategies to minimize taxes for your stock options or a plan for liquidation of your RSUs.

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