RSUs in your investment portfolio

If you receive a large grant of RSUs or company stock, you will have many risks. Risk of termination before vesting, risk of market volatility in stock price, and asset concentration are a few. You will need to decide whether you will keep the stock once vested, or if you prefer to sell the stock […]

Stock Option Plans and the Alternative Minimum Tax

Alternative minimum tax (“AMT”) is a hard proposition for many tech employees.  When you exercise incentive stock options it increases your net worth, but you don’t actually get any cash.   This puts you in a tough spot for paying any AMT later on.  This is an important topic for start-up tech employees with a stock […]

How do trading restrictions affect you?

Are you subject to restrictions in selling your company stock? Many public companies, like Amazon, institute ‘trading windows’ for key employees and executives.   Whether you are a ‘key employee’ generally boils down to access to company profit and loss details. Profit and loss access generally includes: an executive with control over a piece of […]