What should I know (and ask) before hiring a financial advisor?

In lieu of my usual weekly post, I thought it would be helpful to share some content from The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (‘NAPFA’). The financial advising world is full of different ways of making money from clients, with some ways more transparent than others.  Some advisors use commissions from investment sales to primarily […]

Minimizing Risks in Your Home

Minimizing Risks in Your Home

My daughter is closing in on crawling/walking and grabbing anything new and different.  Inevitably, this means anchoring shelves, TVs, and other climbable items to the wall.  Taking a fresh look at my home makes me think about the other potential risks we just don’t think about often. The potential accident risks that exist inside and […]

Corporate to Start-up: Benefit Package Differences

Originally posted on GeekWire.com. Seattle is quickly advancing as a tech hub. Large satellite offices and tons of startup options invigorate many employees to make the jump to smaller tech companies. I think the flow of talent is wonderful when it ignites a passion to fulfill your dreams. Feel the fear and do it anyways! Everyone should be able to follow […]

Hustlin’ as an Entrepreneur

When you decide to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur, it is important to consider how this transition will affect your financial life. How will you support yourself?  Do you have a family to support?  How long will you be able to sustain before you need further income? Three ways to prepare for the […]