How to Change your Life with your Bonus

How to Change your Life with your Bonus

Surprise! You received a little extra cash for the year. What should you do with an unexpected or year-end bonus? A bonus is an opportunity to start a habit that will change your life for the long-term. Many times, we end up spending bonuses on a present to ourselves for all our hard work. Instead, […]

What should I know (and ask) before hiring a financial advisor?

In lieu of my usual weekly post, I thought it would be helpful to share some content from The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (‘NAPFA’). The financial advising world is full of different ways of making money from clients, with some ways more transparent than others.  Some advisors use commissions from investment sales to primarily […]

RSUs in your investment portfolio

If you receive a large grant of RSUs or company stock, you will have many risks. Risk of termination before vesting, risk of market volatility in stock price, and asset concentration are a few. You will need to decide whether you will keep the stock once vested, or if you prefer to sell the stock […]